DLAB MS7-H550-S Magnetic Hot Plate Stirrer


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MS7-H550-S – a magnetic hot plate stirrer, designed by DLAB, is a specially crafted device for demanding tasks, that is fully optimized to work at high temperatures, all the way to 550°C. Feature rich, with a special glass ceramic work plate, is utilizes a brushless DC motor, that needs virtually no maintenance and works with an external PT1000 temperature sensor, for accurate readings. This versatile stirrer has application in an array of laboratories needing equipment for chemical synthesis, physical and chemical analysis, bio-pharmaceuticals.

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  • The easy to read LED display offers accurate temperature monitoring
  • Flexible speed range covering an array of speeds up to 1500rpm
  • The durable work plate can be heated as high as 550°C
  • Convenient external temperature control, done via connecting the PT1000 sensor, giving you accurate temp readings at ±0.2°C
  • Safety features, including a “HOT” notification, that flashes even if the device is turned off, should the MS7-H550-S temperature be above 50°C

Product Specs

Specifications MS7-H550-S
Work plate Dimension [W x D] 184x184mm (7 inch)
Work plate material Glass ceramic
Motor type Shaded pole motor
Motor rating input 15W
Motor rating output 1.5W
Power 1030W
Heating output 1000W
Voltage 100-120/200-240V  50/60Hz
Stirring positions 1
Max. stirring quantity, [H2O] 10L
Max. magnetic bar[length] 80mm
Speed range 0-1500rpm
Speed display Scale
Temperature display LED
Heating temperature range Room temp.-550°C, increment 5°C
Temperature  control accuracy ±10°C
Overheating protection 580°C
Temperature  display accuracy ±1°C
External  temperature sensor PT1000 (accuracy ±0.2)
“Hot” warning 50°C
Protection class IP21
Dimension [WxDxH] 215x360x112mm
Weight 4.5kg
Permissible ambient temperature and humidity 5-40°C, 80%RH


Cat. No. P/N Descriptions Power supply
8030122211 MS7-H550-S LED Digital 7’’ Square Hotplate Magnetic Stirrer,glass ceramic hotplate,heating temperature up to 550°C,with PT1000 for free (18900016),need to buy support clamp 18900017 USA plug,100V-120V/60Hz
USA plug,100V-120V/50Hz
Cn plug,200V-240V/50Hz
Euro plug,200V-240V/50Hz
Euro plug,200V-240V/60Hz
UK plug,200V-240V/50Hz
Cat. No. P/N Descriptions
18900002 MS 135.2 Red quarter pie, 11 holes,4 ml reaction vessel,Ø15.2mm,20mm depth, used with MS135.1 and MS 135.8,suitable for MS-H-Pro+,MS7-H550-Pro, MS7-H550-S
18900003 MS 135.3 Purple quarter pie, 4 holes,20 ml reaction vessel,Ø28mm,24mm depth, used with MS135.1 and MS 135.8 ,suitable for MS-H-Pro+,MS7-H550-Pro and MS7-H550-S
18900004 MS 135.4 Blue quarter pie, 4 holes, 30 ml reaction vessel,Ø28mm,30mm depth, used with MS 135.1 and MS 135.8,suitable for MS-H-Pro+,MS7-H550-Pro and MS7-H550-S
18900005 MS 135.5 Black quarter pie, 4 holes, 40 ml reaction vessel,Ø28mm,43mm depth, used with MS 135.1 and MS 135.8,suitable for MS-H-Pro+,MS7-H550-Pro and MS7-H550-S
18900048 MS 135.6 Green quarter pie,6 holes, 8ml reaction vessel,Ø17.8mm,26mm depth, used with MS135.1 and MS135.8,suitable for MS-H-Pro+,MS7-H550-Pro and MS7-H550-S
18900049 MS 135.7 Golden quarter pie,4 holes, 16ml reaction vessel,Ø21.6mm,31.7mm depth, used with MS 135.1 and MS 135.8,suitable for MS-H-Pro+,MS7-H550-Pro and MS7-H550-S
18900006 MSBAR10 Stirrer bar(10mm x 6mm),1pc/pk
18900007 MSBAR15 Stirrer bar(15mm x 8mm),1pc/pk
18900008 MSBAR20 Stirrer bar(20mm x 8mm),1pc/pk
18900009 MSBAR25 Stirrer bar(25mm x 8mm),1pc/pk
12500005 MSBAR30 Stirrer bar(30mm x 6mm),1pc/pk
18900011 MSBAR40 Stirrer bar(40mm x 8mm),1pc/pk
12500004 MSBAR50 Stirrer bar(50mm x 8mm),1pc/pk
18900013 MSBAR65 Stirrer bar(65mm x 8mm),1pc/pk
18900014 MSBAR80 Stirrer bar(80mm x 13mm),1pc/pk
18900016 PT1000-A Temperature sensor for digital hotplate models,length of 230mm, used for MS-H-Pro +,MS-H-ProT, MS7-H550-Pro, MS7-H550-S, MS-H280-Pro and MS-H380-Pro
18900136 PT1000-B Temperature sensor with glass coated, length of 230mm, used for digital hotplate models, used for MS-H-Pro +,MS-H-ProT, MS7-H550-Pro, MS7-H550-S, MS-H280-Pro and MS-H380-Pro
18900084 PT1000-C Temperature sensor, length of 100mm, used for digital hotplate models, used for MS-H-Pro +, MS-H-ProT,MS7-H550-Pro, MS7-H550-S, MS-H280-Pro and MS-H380-Pro
18900017 Support clamp of PT1000
18900293 Set includs support clamp of PT1000 and PT1000 Temperature sensor