DLAB MX-RD-Pro Digital Rotator


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For laboratories and research facilities that need a unit to prevent blood coagulation, doing latex diagnostics, etc. – DLAB offers a solution in the form of the MX-RD-Pro digital rotator. It can effectively mix biological samples from 1.5mL to 50mL in tubes in a delicate and safe way.

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  • Speed and time can be electronically adjusted
  • Monitor them on an LDC display
  • Change speed from 10 to 70rpm
  • Mixing effectiveness is achieved by the delicate rolling action
  • Angle during the mixing process can be set from 0 to 90°
  • Extend functionality with a selection of accessories

Product Specs

Motor type DC motor
Tilt angle 0-90°
Speed range 10-70rpm
Speed display LCD
Timer display LCD
Timer 1-1199min
Operation mode Continuous  / timer
Voltage 100-240V,  50/60Hz
Power 40W
Dimension [D×W×H ] 280×210×300mm
Permissible ambient temperature and humidity 5-40oC, 80%RH
Protection class IP21

Product Package

Cat. No. P/N Descriptions Power supply
8031412100 MX-RD-Pro LCD Digital Rotator(including a 50ml disk accessory – 18900162), used with disk accessories,variable speed, adjustable mixing angle(package contain the box) USA plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz
Cn plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz
Euro plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz
UK plug,100V-220V/50Hz/60Hz


Cat. No. P/N Descriptions
18900160 Disk accessory,for 1.5ml x 60 centrifuge tubes holder, use with MX-RD-Pro
18900161 Disk accessory,15ml x 16 centrifuge tubes holder, use with MX-RD-Pro
18900162 Disk accessory,50ml x 8 centrifuge tubes holder, use with MX-RD-Pro
18900140 Disk support rods, 4 pcs, use with disk accessories