DLAB RE100-Pro Digital Rotary Evaporator


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A must have piece of laboratory equipment, the RE100-Pro digital rotary evaporator is an excellent addition to any biochemical, medical or chemical laboratory. The DLAB device enables efficient and very delicate separation and removal of solvents from samples, via the method of evaporation. The distilling solution this evaporator offers, can be applied in a large number of tasks.

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  • Keep the process under control with the convenient digital display, that monitors both the speed and the heating temperature
  • Excellent safety functions include an automatic motor lift, which can release the evaporating flash back to a safe position, whenever there is a power failure
  • Heating back can accommodate up to 5 liters, with a temperature range from room to 180°C
  • Protection against overheating when temperature reaches 220°C
  • Set the speed of the digital rotary evaporator from 20rpm to 280rpm
  • Drying process has the option for interval clockwise and counter-clockwise operation
  • Highly efficient cooling effect of the patented condenser, which has a cooling surface of 1700cm²
  • Safe ejection of the evaporating flask
  • Impeccable sealing with a special patented spring ring, made of PTFE
  • Control the RE100-Pro remotely with a computer
  • Easy data transfer to a PC

Product Specs

Motor Type Brushless DC motor
Speed Range 20-280rpm
Display LCD(speed,temperature,  time)
Clockwise and Anti-clockwise Yes
Heating Temperature Range Room temp. to  180oC
Control Accuracy ±1℃
Heating Power 1300W
Stroke Displacement automatic 150mm
Timer Yes
Time Setting Range 1-999min
Dimension[D×W×H] 465×457×583mm
Weight 15kg
Permissible Ambient Temperature 5-40℃
Permissible Relative Humidity 80%RH
Protection Class IP20
Weight 2.8kg
Protection class IP21
USB Interface Yes
Voltage/Frequency 100-120/200-240V 50/60 Hz
Power 1400 W