DLAB SP-UV1100 Spectrophotometer


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DLAB made this high quality, professional spectrophotometer. Such devices are an irreplaceable piece of laboratory equipment, applied in the work of universities, colleges and research facilities, for doing quantitative analysis in areas like biotechnology, or quality control in the process of development of new materials. The SP-UV1100 comes with a convenient LCD display with lots of informational output and simple controls.

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  • The unit is equipped with a large, easy to read LCD display, which provides the operator with lots of information (including in data format)
  • While the spectrophotometer can operate completely independently, remote control with a computer, via a USB connection and using the optional “Wave Professional” software, for nearly full remote functionality
  • Save data directly on the device – the RAM memory can retain up to 20 groups of data and as much as 200 standard curves
  • Data restore even in case of power failure
  • Tungsten and deuterium lamps switching is done automatically; wavelength can be set in the 190 to 1100nm range
  • A spacious sample compartment that can fit 5 to 100mm patch length cuvettes with optional holders
  • The SP-UV1100 Spectrophotometer supports a variety of optional accessories


Optical Systen Single Beam
Light Source Tungsten lamp&Deuterium lamp
Spectral Bandwidth 2.0nm
Wavelength Range  190-1100nm
Wavelength Accuracy ±0.5nm
Wavelength Repeatability ≤0.3nm
Photometric Range  -0.3-3.0A, 0-200%T
Photometric Accuracy ±0.002A@0.5A,
Photometric Repeatability
Stability ≤0.002A/h @500nm
(after preheat 2 hours)
Stray Light ≤0.05%T@220&360nm
Sample Compartment 4-position,10mm
pathlength cuvette
Display LCD
Output USB Port&Parallel Port (Printer)
Power 110/220VAC,50/60Hz,120W
Dimension (L×W×H) 490×360×210mm
Weight 12kg


Cat. No. P/N Descriptions
4010120100 SP-UV1100 190~1100nm Tungsten lamp &Deuterium lamp, including 4 glass square cuvettes and 2 quartz square cuvettes(package contain)


Cat. No. Descriptions
18900331 4-cell holder for 10mm squ.cuvette
18900332 4-cell holder for 10mm to 50mm squ.cuvette(A)
18900333 4-cell holder for up to 100mm squ.cuvette(A)
18900334 cylindrical cell holder (ø16mm) (A)
18900335 10mm water-jacketed 1-cell holder (A)
18900336 10mm water-jacketed 4-cell holder (A)
18900337 Micro cell holder
18900338 Test tube holder (ø8-Ø22mm)(A)
18900339 Solid sample holder (δ1.5mm–3mm,1-POSITION)(A)
18900340 8-position auto cell changer
18900341 12V20W Halogen lamp(PHILIPS)
18900364 Professional software
18900368 Square Cvettes.Glass 10mm , set/4 pcs
18900369 Square Cvettes.Glass 20mm, set/4 pcs
18900370 Square Cvettes.Glass 30mm, set/4 pcs
18900371 Square Cvettes.Glass 50mm, set/4 pcs
18900372 Square Cvettes.Glass 100mm, set/4 pcs
18900373 Square Cvettes.Glass 1mm, set/4 pcs
18900374 Square Cvettes.Glass 2mm, set/4 pcs
18900375 Square Cvettes.Glass 3mm, set/4 pcs
18900376 Square Cvettes.Glass 5mm, set/4 pcs
18900377 Square Cvettes.Quartz 10mm, set/2 pcs
18900378 Square Cvettes.Quartz 20mm, set/2 pcs
18900379 Square Cvettes.Quartz 30mm, set/2 pcs
18900380 Square Cvettes.Quartz 50mm, set/2 pcs
18900381 Square Cvettes.Quartz 100mm, set/2 pcs
18900382 Square Cvettes.Quartz 1mm, set/2 pcs
18900383 Square Cvettes.Quartz 2mm, set/2 pcs
18900384 Square Cvettes.Quartz 3mm, set/2 pcs
18900385 Square Cvettes.Quartz 5mm, set/2 pcs