DLAB MicroPette Plus Single-channel Mechanical Pipettes


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Excellent mechanical pipettes from DLAB, with low maintenance requirements and easy to clean. Fully autoclavable with steam at 121°C, the MicroPette Plus are mechanical pipettes that combine quality and affordability, offering value and easy calibration in accordance to the ISO8655.



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  • Steam autoclavable at 121°C; 1 bar for 20 minutes
  • Simple to use with convenient ergonomic design
  • Conveniently placed and easy to read volume display
  • MicroPette Plus is very simple to calibrate; certified in accordance to ISO8655
  • Strong and durable materials
  • The pipettes’ capacity ranges from 0.1μL to 5mL


 Mechanical Autoclavable Pipette – MicroPette Plus
 Single-channel Adjustable Volume
Cat. No. Volume
7030301001 0.1-2.5μl
7030301004 0.5-10μl
7030301005 2-20μl
7030301006 5-50μl
7030301008 10-100μl
7030301009 20-200μl
7030301011 50-200μl
7030301014 100-1000μl
7030301016 200-1000μl
7030301017 1000-5000μl
Single-channel Fixed Volume
Cat. No. Volume
7030302018 5μl
7030302019 10μl
7030302020 20μl
7030302021 25μl
7030302022 50μl
7030302023 100μl
7030302024 200μl
7030302025 250μl
7030302026 500μl
7030302027 1000μl
7030302028 2000μl
7030302029 5000μl