DLAB Levo Pipette Controller


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This convenient to use pipette controller from DLAB is an excellent option for laboratories that need an easy to operate tool. Accurately adjust the aspiration or dispensing of the Levo and take advantage of the ergonomic design during work.

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  • Very simple usage
  • Sensitive lever provides excellent pipetting control
  • Very light and usable with one hand
  • Full compatibility with most common types of plastic or glass pipettes used in labs
  • Can be used with pipettes from 0.1 to 100mL
  • The Levo’s 3μm hydrophobic filter can be replaced
  • Cleaning and general tool maintenance are very simple

Product Specs

Cat. No. Descriptions
7033201000 Levo – dark Blue
7033202000 Levo – Red
7033203000 Levo – Green
7033204000 Levo – Yellow
7033206000 Levo – North Carolina Blue


Cat. No. Descriptions
17000110 Filter 3.0um, 1pc/pk