DLAB DM0412 Clinical Centrifuge


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DM0412 is a compact and efficient solution for small volume laboratory application. Implementation in a workflow includes medical and veterinary practices, in regard to centrifugation of blood and urine samples. Additionally, this DLAB clinical centrifuge can be used for analysis of the water quality or for soil samples.

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  • Streamlined programming and significantly accurate speed control
  • The DM0412 can be easily operated via an easy to use menu on the display
  • Set the spin speed of the rotor either by RPM or G-force
  • Long life of the brushless DC motor, which required zero maintenance
  • Press-and-hold key allows for a quick spin function
  • The lid of this clinical centrifuge is specially designed with an electronic lock that has an automatic release function to prevent overheating
  • The centrifuge self-diagnoses automatically upon start-up and display the accumulative running time of the devices, as well as parameters of the last run

Product Specs

Specifications DM0412
Speed Range 300-4500rpm,increment: 100rpm
Max. RCF 2490×g
Speed accuracy ±20rpm
Rotor Capacity 1 type
Run Time 30sec-99min/Continuous
Motor Brushless DC moto
Display LCD
Safety Devices Door interlock,Overspeed detector; Automatic internal diagnosis
/Braking time [Sec]
Power Single-phase,
110V-240V,50Hz/60Hz, 3A
Dimension [D×W×H] 301×354×217mm
Weight 6kg
Certification CE, UL, IVD
Advanced Features Speed/RCF switch; Short-time run function; sound-alert function

Product Package

Cat. No. P/N Descriptions Power supply
9034002122 DM0412 Clinical Centrifuge, including A12-10P rotor and both adapter A10P15&A10P15 plug(package contain in the box) US plug, 110-240V/50Hz/60Hz
Cn plug, 110-240V/50Hz/60Hz
Euro plug, 110-240V/50Hz/60Hz
UK plug, 110-240V/50Hz/60Hz


Cat. No. P/N Descriptions
19400068 A12-10P Plastic rotor, 4500rpm, 15ml*8, used with DM0412,DM0412S
19400027 A10P15 Rotor adapter, used with A12-10P, 12pcs/pk
19400028 A10P15 plug Rotor adapter plug, used with A10P15, 12pcs/pk
19100197 A6-50P Plastic rotor, 4000rpm, 15ml*6&50ml*6, used with DM0412(A6-50P)