DLAB Levo ME Pipette Filler


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Feature pipette filler, made of quality materials. Levo ME from DLAB is an easy to operate lab device that is compatible with the majority of commonly used in laboratories plastic and glass pipettes.


  • Easy to use with one hand without applying extra effort
  • Excellent compatibility with most types of plastic or glass pipettes used in a laboratory
  • Simple to adjust operational speed
  • 45μm hydrophobic filter which can easily be changed with a new one
  • Stylish design, that doesn’t affect performance
  • Prolonged used after charging due to top grade li-ion battery

Product Specs

Specifications Levo Me
Aspiration Speed 25ml<7s
Dispensing  Speed Motor/Gravity
Battery Lithium-ion
Battery Service Life More than 8 Hours of Intermittence Use
Charging Time 2-3 Hours
Pipette Types Glass or Plastic Pipette (0.1-100mL), Pasteur Pipettes
Filter 0.45μm Hydrophobic
Weight 200g


Pipette Filler-Levo ME
Cat. No. Descriptions
7013100200 Levo ME with AC adapter, Euro plug
Levo ME with AC adapter, North-America plug
Levo ME with AC adapter, UK plug